Microsoft Excel specialists
Format: seminar
Duration: one day
Arrival: 8:45 am Start: 9:00 am Finish: 4:30 pm

Your power-packed agenda  


  • Copy down to match adjacent column.
  • Use the End key to great effect.
  • Learn 2 ways to make multiple copies quickly.
  • Copy in one trip instead of two.
  • Discover range names for repetitive copying.
  • Learn mouse techniques to copy, move and insert.
  • Copy column widths across sheets.
  • Copy visible cells only.
  • Copy only formulas.
  • Paste over only certain cells of a range.
  • Speed up pasting in 2010.

Work with ranges

  • View and modify from any corner.
  • Select a large blank range quickly.
  • Fill a large range quickly.
  • Quickly insert a blank row after every row of data.
  • Learn how best to insert and delete rows quickly.
  • Insert & delete multiple sheets, rows, columns.
  • Insert rows in multiple places.
  • Use the repeat key.
  • Use Alt for one-handed menu selections.

Use drawing objects

  • Annotate with text box, arrow and callout.
  • Make several objects into one for ease of moving.
  • Select and format several objects simultaneously.
  • Use shortcut for hiding objects.
  • Use the spreadsheet for word-processing.

Work with files

  • Open, save and close multiple files quickly.
  • Use shortcuts for File Save As, Restore Window and Close Window.
  • Maximize Open dialog box.
  • Toggle file list display.
  • Use My Places/Favorites to navigate folders effectively.


  • Shade alternate rows.
  • Copy formats to a large range.
  • Know the best ways to use the Format Painter.
  • Format formula cells differently.
  • Understand number formats to create what you need.
  • Display in round thousands.
  • Hide zeroes.
  • Use number format to replace unwanted display.
  • Put a column title and row title in a single cell.
  • Widen a column to best fit.
  • Use the Fill Handle to clear, insert and delete.
  • Only format part of the text in a cell.


  • Double-click to go to end of list.
  • Get to a cell quickly and return.
  • Get around quickly with named ranges.
  • Navigate sheet tabs quickly.
  • Know how to view elsewhere and return.
  • Get to the last active cell of column or row.
  • Know the useful shortcut keys.
  • Control the drag speed of the mouse.


  • Use names to set print ranges.
  • Copy page-setup settings to other sheets.
  • Remove all page breaks.


  • Display two of several open files.
  • Display two different sheets.
  • Zoom the screen size.
  • Freeze panes rather than split screen.
  • Synchronize scrolling between windows.


  • Link chart titles to cells.
  • Plot missing data points.
  • Alter source by dragging chart point.
  • Insert series and data points by dragging.
  • Delete accidentally-graphed blank series.
  • Format faster in Excel 2007 with the modeless dialog box.


  • Don't get muddled in Edit, Enter or Point modes.
  • Get rid of unwanted hyperlinks.
  • Edit a formula by dragging borders.
  • Know the useful editing keys.
  • Quickly go to a cell referred to in a formula.

Work with formulas

  • Enter SUM quickly with shortcut.
  • Enter SUM formula and formatting in 1 second instead of 60 with the free GenieMini add-in.
  • Total filtered values.
  • Change the order of a summed range of sheets.
  • Debug by splitting into parts.
  • Check spreadsheet for # Excel errors.
  • Locate the source of # Excel errors.
  • See full precision of formula with two key presses.
  • See the result of part of a formula.


  • Multiply a range of numbers.
  • Remove formulas from a range.
  • Convert numbers to text and vice-versa.
  • Reset all input cells to zero.

Who should attend:

  • Those who have been using spreadsheets for some time and are quite familiar with the basics of formula construction, formatting and printing.

Learn in a positive environment

  • Be assured the advice you get is well-proven and utilised.
  • Feel free to ask questions.
  • Get time away from the office and constant interruptions.
  • Enjoy a friendly environment where you don’t feel you’re holding others up.
  • Instantly apply what you’ve learned on return to work.

The courses cover Microsoft Excel releases XP(2002) through 2013.
Where there are differences among the covered releases, they are pointed out.

Course cancellation policy:

A course booking is considered final when received in writing (online, email, fax or post) by AbleOwl, and can be cancelled up to ten working days before the course. After that, payment is expected in full and no refund will be given. All cancellations must be notified in writing, i.e. post, fax or email. Another delegate may be substituted at any time.