Microsoft Excel specialists
Format: seminar
Duration: one day
Arrival: 8:45 am Start: 9:00 am Finish: 4:30 pm

Your power-packed agenda  


  • Complete missing entries.
  • Insert column to left of each in a range.
  • Convert case of entered text.
  • Enter numbers as text.

Work with lists

  • Use AutoFilter to delete and format.
  • Remove entries adjacent to blank cells.
  • Know what an AutoFilter is excluding.
  • Provide list to select from.
  • Validate existing data.
  • See and create a unique list from a column.

Work with formulas

  • Enter formulas faster with AutoComplete in Excel 2007.
  • Spot errors by displaying formulas.
  • Build a long formula in parts and merge.
  • Stop a workbook calculating on open.
  • Be aware of calculation mode trap.
  • Force all cells to calculate in case of bug.
  • Lay out formula for clarity.
  • Include notes you can see with active cell.
  • Create a compact input form.

Enter data

  • Type (c) without conversion to copyright.
  • Insert a non-keyboard symbol.
  • Make use of AutoComplete.
  • Avoid typing =.
  • Enter standard long text entries quickly.


  • Create user-defined custom chart type.
  • Copy formats from one chart to another.
  • Create a pictograph.
  • Change the series order.
  • Combine chart types on two axes.
  • Put two charts on one chart sheet.
  • Auto-extend charts with a List or Table.
  • Filter a Chart.
  • Create a stacked chart with two columns per year.

Work with files

  • Change the default folder.
  • Get more from the recently-used file list.
  • Know what folder a file is from.
  • Use a workspace to open many files.
  • Prevent a file being saved by accident.
  • Require a password for save.
  • Create a backup as you save.
  • Make commonly-used files readily available.
  • Reduce the size of an unnecessarily-large file.


  • Wrap column heading text.
  • Split a column title into multiple lines.
  • Wrap text by hyphenating at appropriate point.
  • Display hours beyond days.
  • Set the default format.
  • Apply a border so it doesn't copy down.
  • Avoid border clashes.
  • Append space to make columns readable.
  • Avoid merged cells.
  • Centre across columns.
  • Reset cell colour.
  • Solve problem of no parentheses on negatives.


  • Jump quickly among Excel files.
  • Jump to see next Comment.
  • Move around unlocked cells.
  • Make Enter take you to the start column of next row.
  • Go big distances quickly.
  • Use shortcut to get to Windows desktop.


  • Print with continuous page numbers.
  • Specify the number of the first page.
  • Get & to appear in footer.
  • Have objects not print.

Work with ranges

  • Hide columns quickly.
  • Select differences between columns.
  • Stop range extending unintentionally.


  • Search for filenames in Windows Vista/7.
  • Search upwards with Find.
  • Repeat the last Find.
  • Filter the Open dialog box.

Set Excel's options

  • Switch off those irritating options.
  • Stop use of Internet by Excel's Help.

Work with toolbars

  • Add a command to the Quick Access Toolbar In Excel.
  • Customize the Excel 2010 Ribbon.
  • Keep a copy of toolbar settings.


  • Use Views to switch Filter Criteria.
  • Quickly switch display of hidden columns.
  • Know how hidden data can still be seen.
  • Redisplay hidden column A.
  • Quickly hide the rows of old records.
  • Change Comment default font and colour.

Who should attend:

  • Those who have been using spreadsheets for some time and are quite familiar with the basics of formula construction, formatting and printing.

Learn in a positive environment

  • Be assured the advice you get is well-proven and utilised.
  • Feel free to ask questions.
  • Get time away from the office and constant interruptions.
  • Enjoy a friendly environment where you don’t feel you’re holding others up.
  • Instantly apply what you’ve learned on return to work.

The courses cover Microsoft Excel releases XP(2002) through 2013.
Where there are differences among the covered releases, they are pointed out.

Course cancellation policy:

A course booking is considered final when received in writing (online, email, fax or post) by AbleOwl, and can be cancelled up to ten working days before the course. After that, payment is expected in full and no refund will be given. All cancellations must be notified in writing, i.e. post, fax or email. Another delegate may be substituted at any time.