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Specialised spreadsheets for accountants


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Essential spreadsheets for accountants

     Duration: 1 day  
     Format: Interactive seminar with quizzes  
   Arrival and refreshments: 8:45am  
   Start 9:00am  
   Finish: 4:30pm  

Get solutions to problems specifically faced by management accountants.
There is no time wasted on non-relevant topics.

Know the formula solutions to common problems

  • Solve numbering not seeming to add up.
  • Discover array formulas.
  • Use SUBTOTAL to ensure correct grand total.
  • Discover the free GenieMini add-in to quickly insert subtotals and perhaps save 2-3% of your day.
  • Automate current month and YTD reports.
  • Sum YTD through sheets.
  • Avoid #DIV/0! and #VALUE! errors.
  • Discover an alternative to IF that is often much shorter and simpler.
  • Calculate mileage allowance from a banded table.
  • Cash from sales using debtor days.
  • Cash from sales using a debtors' profile.
  • Create a formula that pays each third month.

Report from moving data

  • Create reports that get data from a table in which the positions of the data items change each month.
  • Create formulas that cope with a growing table.
  • Discover the issues and solutions of the VLOOKUP function.
  • Include crosschecks.
  • Learn the ISNA function.
  • Use INDEX and MATCH to solve problems that VLOOKUP cannot.

Adopt best practices for workbook and sheet layout

  • Discover how to arrange the top, side and sheet titles on every sheet.
  • Format quickly with styles.
  • Clearly identify inputs, processes and outputs.
  • Apply sheet name, colour and flow conventions.
  • Discover the six data-sheet types.
  • Add the standard sheets Guide and Params to every workbook and understand their benefits.
  • Discover what documentation to include, where and why.
  • Include crosschecks that can’t be missed.
  • Use the free GenieMini add-in to help standardise your worksheets.

Build an import and report application

  • Make adjustments without making the sheet too wide.
  • Create a system in which it is easy to check for new ledger codes and then include them.
  • Learn how to use a "map" to summarise data.
  • Learn SUMIF.


  • Discover different ways of totalling data.
  • Hear the pros & cons of the different methods.
  • Learn the benefits of range names.
  • Total dissimilar lists.
  • Use PivotTable to consolidate.

Reconcile lists

  • Discover the various ways to deal with duplicate entries in your data.
  • Quickly reconcile amounts between two columns.
  • Easily locate the non-balancing items in a single column of data.
  • Learn COUNTIF.

Discover great time-saving tips

  • Solve the problem of no parentheses for negatives.
  • Drag and drop to swap columns of data.
  • Keep files on the recently-used files list In Excel.
  • Copy Page Setup settings to other sheets.
  • Display two sheets of the same workbook at the same time.
  • Synchronise scrolling between windows.


Accountants (and many non-accountants, too) who have been using spreadsheets for some time and are quite familiar with the basics of formula construction, formatting and printing.

The seminar is designed for those working in accounting: it is not essential for delegates to be qualified accountants. Though the course uses common accounting applications, the techniques can be applied widely.

  • Be assured the advice you get is well-proven and utilised.
  • Feel free to ask questions.
  • Get time away from the office and constant interruptions.
  • Enjoy a friendly environment where you don’t feel you’re holding others up.
  • Instantly apply what you’ve learned on return to work.


AbleOwl has a number of different presenters, all of whom are Excel specialists.

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A course booking is considered final when received in writing (online, email, fax or post) by AbleOwl, and can be cancelled up to ten working days before the course. After that, payment is expected in full and no refund will be given. All cancellations must be notified in writing, i.e. post, fax or email. Another delegate may be substituted at any time.