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Intranet editions for the whole department

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InstantJournal IndepthJournal

Instant Excel – the simplest of the three publications is brimful of tips and short articles that have copious screenshots, example files and videos. This is not just for Excel dummies: advanced users often discover tips that leave them, well, … dumbstruck.

InDepth Excel – this publication builds complex formulas, solves difficult problems and delves deeper to point out the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions. The InDepth now covers macros too.

  • Play videos too as many of the articles have a video version.
  • Instant has an average of 12 pages. InDepth has an average of 18 pages.
  • Open, explore and adapt the Excel files the articles refer to.
  • Help instil common conventions by gradual adoption of those developed by AbleOwl.
  • 12 monthly editions delivered in HTML or PDF file format.
Find no better source of wisdom than AbleOwl with our 28 years of Excel specialisation.
Intranet pricing for up to 100 users

Pricing in USD

Instant InDepth
USD 895.00
USD 1795.00

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Tel: 07 854 9276

10% discount for any 2 journals.

Details about single user subscription
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