Microsoft Excel specialists

Outline agenda of the 5 papers for the

Certified Professional in Excel for Finance

2 Model construction and analysis
Analyse the profitability of projects and build long-term financial models, incorporating debt and interest calculations. Avoid traps and pitfalls by adhering to best practices. Run models multiple times, incorporate stochasticity into certain variables, and collate key results into a table. Conduct regression analyses and compare between models to determine the most appropriate forecast model for you system. Learn to use different Excel tools to handle optimisation problems with multiple potential outcomes or solutions.
Best practices for model design
  • Structure models for ease of report setup and maintenance
  • Include crosschecks for data integrity
  • Produce auditable models
  • Link multiple workbooks reliably
  • Use the database approach for low- maintenance reporting applications
    Model construction
  • Develop integrated profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet models
  • Discover IRR, NPV, XIRR, XNPV and other financial functions
  • Build import-to-report applications
  • Construct long term models with debt structuring
    Model assessment, comparison and forecasting
  • Assess model uncertainty with sensitivity analysis
  • Simulate real world randomness with Monte Carlo simulation
  • Forecast and compare between various regression techniques
    Optimization and problem-solving tools
  • Find optimal solutions to business situations that have constraints
  • Discover tools such as:
    - Solver
    - Goal Seek
    - Scenarios
    - Data Tables
    …and much more