Microsoft Excel specialists

Outline agenda of the 5 papers for the

Certified Professional in Excel for Finance

4 Reporting with charts, tables and dashboards
Communicate your data effectively by making the most of Excel's powerful graphical reporting tools. Discover how to construct bullet, tornado and waterfall charts (and more), learn best practice rules and sneaky tricks for producing professional dashboards, and add interactivity so your users can scroll between time periods, or click to view different branches. Finally, publish your dashboards to a web browser with Sharepoint or Microsoft OneDrive.
New and innovative chart types and effects
  • Gauge performance with a speedometer chart
  • Summarise sequential effects with a waterfall (or bridging) chart
  • Reach targets with a bullet or temperature chart
  • Display sensitivity in a tornado chart
  • Conditionally-colour data series, axes, or backgrounds to show targets met
    Animate your charts
  • Use Data Validation lists to interact with chart display
  • Add an on-sheet scroll bar to navigate through data series
  • Change your chart's time window with dynamic named ranges
  • Plot multiple series and add buttons to jump between them
    Best practices for dashboard design
  • Choose the appropriate and most effective chart for your data
  • Organise your data for effective dashboard reporting
  • Use VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH and more to build a report table
  • Combine tables into a single dashboard without column width tweaks
  • Quickly reformat multiple charts for consistency
  • Force all charts to use the same x-axis scale
    Include interactivity for high-powered reports
  • Discover the power of dynamic conditional picture links
  • Control multiple reports with XL10+ Slicers
  • Replace Slicers with Form Controls for backwards compatibility
    Publish your dashboards
  • Create a Sharepoint-friendly dashboard with Slicers in XL10+
  • Utilise InfoPath forms to produce Sharepoint-friendly dashboards in XL07-
  • Publish a dashboard to a Sharepoint page
  • Share your dashboard with Microsoft OneDrive
  • Distribute a dashboard as an .htm file
    …and much more