Microsoft Excel specialists

Outline agenda of the 5 papers for the

Certified Professional in Excel for Finance

5 Macros for automating tasks
Ensure that tasks are completed quickly, correctly and without error by automating tasks with VBA macros. Discover the tools of the trade (the macro recorder and the Visual Basic Editor), and learn how to write and debug code. Enhance applications with purpose-built dialog boxes and custom ribbons, and study the grammar and syntax of the VBA language in order to understand advanced concepts such as class modules, WinAPI, OLE objects and ADO.
Learn common techniques
  • Employ maps to ensure new data is never overlooked in reports
  • Learn to use the macro recorder, Visual Basic Editor, and Object Browser
  • Troubleshoot and debug code
    Enhance applications
  • Construct custom functions (UDFs) to simplify formulas
  • Build your own dialog boxes for error-free user input
  • Create custom ribbons
    Interact with other applications
  • Send emails via Outlook and other email programs
  • Use ADO to transfer data to and from databases
  • Power an Excel front-end with an Access database back-end
  • Liaise with a cloud-based SQL Server database
  • Program to output images and generate PDFs
    Advanced techniques
  • Understand VBA syntax: objects, properties, methods, variables, etc
  • Learn about class modules and their benefits
  • Enhance VBA with WinAPI functions
    Best practices for VBA programming and application-building
  • Apply conventions and structure for clarity
  • Learn techniques to produce reliable, robust code
  • Ensure applications run in different Excel versions, including Macs
  • Build a library of general purpose macros to construct applications
    …and much more