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InDepth Excel is the second and more advanced of the two Excel monthlies: Instant Excel and InDepth Excel. InDepth Excel builds complex formulas, solves difficult problems, and develops user excellence by explaining every step along the way. The InDepth Excel sheet delves deeper to point out the strengths and weaknesses of different alternatives and includes macro-based solutions. It doesn't stop at macro-writing, though; InDepth Excel also covers how to best structure applications and use other advanced features. With the InDepth in your toolbox, you can stop wishing for features Excel doesn’t have and create them yourself.

  • 12 monthly PDFs with Excel files and videos
  • View on PC or other mobile device
  • The second of two monthlies: Instant and InDepth
  • Delves deeper and is more advanced than Instant
  • USD 139.00
    10% discount with Instant

Articles cover a wide range of topics. Here are a few:

  • Create a consolidation application with different source files for different users
  • Make calculations simple with custom functions
  • Send an email via Outlook
  • Find and delete duplicates
  • Process ranges faster with arrays
  • Build tamper-proof applications
  • Learn good macro design
  • Check for differences between two lists
  • Create a contents page and print reports
  • Use ADO to import and export data from a database
  • Enhance VBA with WinAPI functions such as to browse for a folder
  • Download exchange rates or other data from the internet

What you get with an annual subscription:

  • 12 monthly editions in PDF format.
  • An average of 12 highly pictorial pages.
  • The Excel files referred to in the articles.
  • Helpful online video versions of many of the articles.

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InDepth Excel Magazine
InDepth Excel Magazine
InDepth Excel Magazine
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