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The Instant Excel monthly is brim full of tips and short articles that have copious screenshots, example files and videos. View the PDF and, for many articles, play videos on PC, tablet or other mobile device. Instant Excel delivers short, to-the-point articles with many screenshots that enable you to quickly glean the information within. Find no better source of wisdom than AbleOwl with our 28 years of Excel specialisation.

  • 12 monthly PDFs with Excel files and videos
  • View on PC or other mobile device
  • The first of two monthlies: Instant and InDepth
  • For all regular Excel users
  • USD 69.00
    10% discount with InDepth

Articles cover a wide range of topics. Here are a few:

  • Avoid the common big errors people make in Excel.
  • Navigate and move around Excel like a pro.
  • Show Excel who’s boss to produce the charts you want.
  • Generate excitement with Sparklines to show trends at a glance.
  • Pivot your tables like it’s child’s play.
  • Unlock the mysteries of VLOOKUP, SUMIF, SUBTOTAL and many other functions.
  • Employ layout conventions to produce consistent, confidence-inspiring reports.
  • Get up to speed with new Excel releases: rely on AbleOwl’s concise guides.

What you get with an annual subscription:

  • 12 monthly editions in PDF format.
  • An average of 12 highly pictorial pages.
  • The Excel files referred to in the articles.
  • Helpful online video versions of many of the articles.

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