Microsoft Excel specialists

Sample AbleOwl training videos

Create low-maintenance totals formulas
Learn how to create totals that automatically adjust when new items are added.
Distinguish inputs from calculations
Can you tell the different between input cells and cells with formulas at a glance? This video shows how use a simple formatting convention to keep track of your input cells.
Calculate stats with AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT, COUNTA
Discover new functions, such as AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT and COUNTA to calculate statistics for your data.
Conventions for layout of sheets within a workbook
Learn how the order and color of your sheet tabs can be used to document the data flow in your workbook.
Use IF to avoid #DIV/0
When a formula divides by zero, Excel displays a #DIV/0! error. Rather than deleting or hiding these errors, learn how to use the IF function to conditionally display a dash in place of a #DIV/0! error.
Conventions for layout of a sheet
Use formatting conventions to ensure your spreadsheets are understandable.
Split text with LEFT, RIGHT, and MID
Use formula to split text.     
Rearrange a PivotTable
See how you can change the values in PivotTable from totals to percentages of the grand total.
Use If statements, prompt for input, display messages
This training video shows how to use If statements to run code only when certain conditions are met. You will also learn how to use the Object Browser, prompt for input, use variables and pass data between procedures.
Create crosschecks
Use crosschecks to double-check that the formulas in your workbooks return the correct values.