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  • 12 monthly PDFs with Excel files and video.
  • 20-30 pages each month.
  • Videos on certain articles each month.
  • Access to the AbleOwl Excel Knowledge Base to search and download 50 articles. The Knowledge Base contains over 6000 pages.
  • Excel applications you can adapt for your own purposes.
    Single-user annual subscription: AU$279+GST, NZ$295+GST, US$219, £149, €189
    Intranet edition for up to 100 people in the organisation (excludes Knowledge Base which can be purchased separately): AU$2650+GST, NZ$2795+GST, US$2095, £1395, €1795
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    Single-user annual subscription US$219

    Intranet annual subscription US$2095

    We believe that in the right hands Excel is by far and away the most productive tool for creating most applications. In addition, Excel offers:

    • Long-term solutions with low-cost ongoing maintenance.
    • The highest level of flexibility due to its high degree of functionality and connectivity to other applications.

    As an analogy, Excel is the car of the IT world. Many will tell you that you should use public transport instead. They point out that cars are dangerous, which is true, but since the early days of cars, that risk has been greatly reduced by:

    • Rules of the road.
    • Standardised and better construction of cars and roads.
    • The implementation of car and driver tests.

    Before long, that risk is likely to be virtually eliminated and there will be many other benefits too.

    Spreadsheets are following the same path. So, what is needed is standardisation of spreadsheet construction and a higher level of professionalism from its practitioners, of which there are 750 million (and growing) in the world.

    To achieve that aim, we recommend that you study for and pass the exams of the main paper of the Certified Professional in Excel for Finance (CPEF) and supplement that with this publication (The Excel journal for Finance professionals). You could just subscribe to the journal if you prefer.

    The journal covers a wide range of topics from simple to advanced (including macros). It often delves into areas and specialisations that would not be covered in the CPEF qualification material. The journal also keeps you up to date with new features, which are now constantly being released.

    All articles are relevant to accountants and various analysts, and most articles are also relevant to those who work in other functions.

    For an annual subscription, each month, you get a PDF and the Excel files referred to. You also get access to the AbleOwl Excel Knowledge Base which contains all articles from past editions and much else. There are thousands of articles to search with a Google-like search.

    You can use the Knowledge Base in various ways including:

    • If an article refers to a feature that you are not familiar with, view an article on that feature.
    • If you are interested in learning a particular topic, say, dashboards, download articles to learn about that.
    • If you have a problem, say, VLOOKUP not returning the expected result, find a solution.
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