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Open any spreadsheet created by someone else or yourself, and invariably, it’s hard to follow. Furthermore, many spreadsheets contain errors.

AbleOwl courses are unique. With AbleOwl training, not only do you learn Excel features, but you also learn conventions. As an analogy, you learn not only words, but the grammar to put them together.

You create professional, clear, error-free spreadsheets you can be proud of. In addition, you spend far less of your pressured time to achieve it.

AbleOwl, with its 26 years’ specialisation on Excel, guides you to the useful Excel features, points out the common pitfalls and provides the solutions.

Videos are great for going at your own speed, for having a topic on tap when you need to learn it and for stopping and replaying.

The videos contain:
  • Introductory through to more advanced topics such as PivotTables and macros.
  • 40 hours of videos playable on PC or mobile device.
  • PDF files of each course together with the example Excel files.
  • Quizzes and exercises for fun and to aid retention.
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