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Series of 2 training webinars (attend any or all)

     Duration: 60 minutes  
     Format: Interactive webinar  


Many research studies reveal a surprisingly high incidence of errors in spreadsheets. The fact that Excel allows many ways to solve a problem is in small part a weakness as well as a strength. But then the same could be said about the written word. Word has spelling and grammar checkers. Excel has Data Validation and crosschecks.

These webinars are about crosschecks. Create crosschecks that cannot easily be overlooked and do not falsely warn of errors. Discover how to rapidly incorporate crosschecks and inspire confidence with your professionalism.

Crosschecks – Part 1:

Part 1 is about how to quickly set up basic crosschecks and structure them so that they cannot be overlooked.

  • Create a cross-tabulation crosscheck that returns #VALUE!
  • Apply conditional formatting to bring errors to the attention
  • Create a catch-all corner sheet crosscheck
  • Speed up the creation of crosschecks
  • Crosscheck that items have been inserted in all the right places
  • Test as you go and set up for full system test
  • Create crosschecks of various types, and name for ease of finding
  • Quickly know whether there are any crosscheck errors
  • Follow a procedure for testing crosschecks
  • Quickly add crosscheck names and formatting
  • Create a sheet crosschecks area for ease of review
  • Insert a Crosschecks sheet to provide all with a quick review

Crosschecks – Part 2:

Part 2 explains a number of advanced crosschecks.

  • Crosscheck for missing items in a report
  • Crosscheck report net profit
  • Crosscheck to warn of missing formulas
  • Crosscheck to warn of missing entries from a mapping table
  • Crosscheck to confirm a list is in sorted order
  • Crosscheck to check consolidated sheets items are aligned
  • Crosscheck to check a chart series includes all data
  • Crosscheck that the items in one list are included in another
  • Crosscheck to warn of hidden rows or columns
  • Crosscheck to ensure all or no entries in records


You have a good understanding of formulas and basic Conditional Formatting. Knowledge of array formulas would also be useful, though is not essential.
Applies to all Excel versions including 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007. Any differences are pointed out.


Live webinar format

See the presentation on your PC screen and hear the presenter either from your PC speakers/headphones or on the telephone.

Type questions on the chat line during the presentation. Questions will be answered by the co-presenter.

Stay engaged with multiple-choice quizzes.

Test out the webinar technology with one of the free Excel 10-minute tips webinars.


Each webinar has a main presenter and a co-presenter, who share the presentation and question-answering. Having two makes it more engaging, and different viewpoints expressed makes it clearer.

There are a number of different AbleOwl presenters, all of whom are Excel specialists.

Excel versions

Unless specified otherwise, all webinars cover all current Excel versions from 2007 onwards. Any differences among versions are pointed out.


Webinar characteristics AbleOwl Others
Two presenters share the teaching, so one can answer queries, and the dialogue between makes the webinar more engaging. ***** *
You’re encouraged to interact with the presenters through quizzes and chat-box discussions: you’re not a passive observer. **** **
Presenters are Excel specialists, can give additional insight and answer any queries. ***** ****
Each different presenter brings his/her own personality and humour(?). **** **
You discover not only Excel parts, but also how to structure and standardise, like learning not only words, but grammar too. ***** *
You get a step-by-step PDF manual sent in advance to preview and review. ***** *
You can take advantage of expert post-webinar email support to help you get the full benefit from your new skills. ***** *
You are provided a clear and consistent learning path, without duplication, by the depth and breadth of webinar series topics. ***** ***
You can purchase multiple vouchers at considerable savings. **** **



"Great. I was able to follow really easily and it flowed along logically. Good pace. Good to have the 2 presenters i.e. who can “chat’ about what’s being done, giving 2 points of view etc."
Debbie, Financial Accountant, Hamilton, New Zealand

"I would like to send you a thank you for the clearly presented and well paced webinar I took part in yesterday. This was my first ever webinar and also my first interaction with your company and found it to be a beneficial and enjoyable experience. I look forward to my next webinar and your tips etc."
Fiona, Office Manager, Brisbane, Australia

"The rapport between Paul and Grant was great and makes it more interesting than a one way presentation."
Maureen, Accountant, Taupo, New Zealand

Cancel up to five working days before the webinar and receive a full refund. All cancellations must be notified in writing, that is, by email, fax or post. Another delegate may be substituted at any time.