Microsoft Excel specialists
What is Excel Genie?
Do you ever need a quick answer to an Excel problem?
Would you like to improve your Excel skill, but your training budget is limited and you can’t spare a whole day for a training course?
Would you like to have an actual Excel expert on tap to ask questions?
Do you sometimes have trouble understanding spreadsheets, including your own?
On a long-winded task, do you sometimes think there should be an Excel tool to speed it up, but there isn’t one?
In some cases, do you wish there were already a spreadsheet similar to your needs, which you could just adapt?

If so, Excel Genie is for you.
See the videos below for examples from the eight wishes Genie grants.
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1 Knowledge base
2 Hotline
3 Add-in software to standardise
4 Utilities
5 Templates
6 Training
7 Monthly journals
8 AbleOwl club
Excel Genie is conveniently at your fingertip command in Excel. Attach the Genie add-in to either modern or classic Excel, and GenieOnline, ESP and Utils menu options appear.
Genie in modern Excel (2007, 2010)