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Edition 034 (Sep-2016)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Check for formula differences
  • Test your knowledge
  • Check where a cell value flows to
  • Pay periodically
  • Get the Excel Journal for Finance professionals
Edition 033 (Aug-2016)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Compare two tables with add-in
  • Test your knowledge
  • Update data from another table
  • Become a Certified Professional in Excel for Finance
  • Hire an Excel expert
Edition 032 (Jul-2016)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Match on two columns
  • Test your knowledge
  • Fuzzy-match with Fuzzy Lookup
  • Locate fuzzy duplicates with Fuzzy Lookup
  • Become a Certified Professional in Excel for Finance
Edition 031 (Jun-2016)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Copy to certain formula cells
  • Test your knowledge
  • Sum every nth column
  • Build crosschecks
  • Become a Certified Professional in Excel for Finance
Edition 030 (May-2016)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Go to formula references
  • Test your knowledge
  • Use clear names rather than addresses
  • Navigate the side headings
  • Become a Certified Professional in Excel for Finance
Edition 029 (Feb-2016)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Trace formulas – Part 1
  • Test your knowledge
  • Trace formulas – Part 2
  • Trace formulas – Part 3
  • Drag and copy, not extend a series
Edition 028 (Jan-2016)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Create rearranged output
  • Test your knowledge
  • Make a chart collapsible with a PivotChart
  • Show hierarchy with Treemap and Sunburst
  • Become a Certified Professional in Excel for Finance
Edition 027 (Dec-2015)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • View and edit a record in a Form
  • Test your knowledge
  • Use Advanced Filter when normal filter can't
  • Hide and display Actual columns with Outline
  • Sum or count with advanced criteria
Edition 026 (Nov-2015)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Forecast with seasonality
  • Test your knowledge
  • Use sentence case
  • Apply period formats with Condtional Formatting
  • Avoid Conditional Formatting in large ranges
Edition 025 (Oct-2015)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Office 2016 released 22-Sep-2015
  • Test your knowledge
  • Visually group columns with same-colour fills
  • Be careful how you import a CSV file
  • Enter boiler plate text
Edition 024 (Sep-2015)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Put subtitle text in total row
  • Test your knowledge
  • Use Tables for reliability
  • Minimise the use of borders
  • Do not underline
Edition 023 (Aug-2015)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Re-justify text over a range
  • Test your knowledge
  • Clear deadwood from overly-large files
  • Find a template
  • Format characters and insert special ones
Edition 022 (Jul-2015)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Use Edit mode to avoid a muddle
  • Test your knowledge
  • Go elsewhere in the workbook and return
  • Create the optimal Quick Access Toolbar
  • Add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar
Edition 021 (Jun-2015)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Go to formula reference & return
  • Test your knowledge
  • Adjust row height on text wrap and ensure image retains size
  • Adjust row height on text wrap of merged cell
  • Trace precedents to another sheet
Edition 020 (May-2015)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Show the flow
  • Test your knowledge
  • Create data flow diagrams
  • Provide info on cells in various ways
  • Comment with a line exactly positioned
Edition 019 (Apr-2015)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Find duplicates
  • Test your knowledge
  • Sum between one date and another
  • Sum certain columns and rows
  • Go to the bottom entry of a column
Edition 018 (Mar-2015)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Get the day from the date
  • Test your knowledge
  • Format consistently & quickly with styles
  • Copy from another program and paste values
  • Switch display to other monitor
Edition 017 (Feb-2015)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Set page setup on multiple sheets
  • Test your knowledge
  • Fit print to width
  • Alter footer page number and pages
  • Set footer differently on odd and even pages
Edition 016 (Jan-2015)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Exclude sheet reference to avoid a Sort disaster
  • Test your knowledge
  • Fit column titles nicely
  • Manage the Windows display
  • Switch to other monitor with a few keys
Edition 015 (Dec-2014)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Don't merge cells
  • Test your knowledge
  • Find merged cells and demerge
  • Apply conventions to manage file versions
  • Create a backup on save
Edition 014 (Nov-2014)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Reveal size with DataBars
  • Test your knowledge
  • Calculate investment value and return
  • Navigate many sheets
  • Capture a screenshot
Edition 013 (Oct-2014)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Flick through lined-up sheets
  • Test your knowledge
  • Find row changes between two files
  • See two sheets of same workbook side by side
  • Switch two windows around
Edition 012 (Sep-2014)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Use ROUND in the total to make numbers add up
  • Test your knowledge
  • Create a reliable lookup with INDEXMATCH
  • SUM through sheets
  • Click the Select All button to check for # errors
Edition 011 (Aug-2014)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Go nowhere, right, left, up or down on Enter
  • Test your knowledge
  • Turn off skating active cell in Excel 2013
  • Solve problem of no parentheses on negatives
  • Make 2013 screen elements faster to locate
  • Remove decimals
Edition 010 (Jul-2014)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Create year-to-date formulas
  • Test your knowledge
  • Concatenate entries into single cell
  • Have a settings sheet
  • Shade actual months
  • Have formula return now as text
Edition 009 (Jun-2014)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Filter with Slicers
  • Test your knowledge
  • Apply traffic lights
  • Filter for multiple items
  • Filter by cell value or colour
  • Use keys to clear and set a filter
Edition 008 (May-2014)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Colour your inputs blue
  • Reset inputs to zero
  • Remove two steps to XL2013 Open or Save As
  • Comment cell numbers
  • Handy keyboard shortcuts
Edition 007 (Apr-2014)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • HLOOKUP returns weeks
  • Test your knowledge
  • Create a rolling cash flow forecast
  • Create rolling month titles
  • Avoid risk of dates being added to totals
  • Handy keyboard shortcuts
  • Format to weeks-of-year fraction
Edition 006 (Mar-2014)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Headcount by length of service
  • Test your knowledge
  • Create well-designed headcount charts
  • Use SUMIFS to total by multiple criteria
  • Go to an entry far left and then return
  • Calculate loan payment and interest
  • Convert nominal & effective interest rates
Edition 005 (Feb-2014)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Chart headcount with PivotTable
  • Test your knowledge
  • Remove green marker from all workbooks
  • Create a headcount report with COUNTIF
  • Remove green markers rash from range
  • Remove green markers from entire sheet
  • Automate monthly accounts reports
Edition 004 (Jan-2014)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Calculate service years & months
  • Test your knowledge
  • Make wide sheets banded for ease of reading
  • Understand date and time calculations
  • Include day name in date
  • Enter today's date and/or time with shortcuts
Edition 003 (Dec-2013)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Allow only certain entries
  • Test your knowledge
  • Create a range name
  • Navigate quickly with names
  • Extract unique list
  • See unique list
  • Fly around your workbooks and sheets
Edition 002 (Nov-2013)  NZD 5.00+GST
  • Complete missing entries
  • Test your knowledge
  • Select the current region
  • Show formulas
  • Remove formulas
  • Total values of matching criteria rows
  • See formula result
Edition 001 (Oct-2013) Free
  • Quickly get to the bottom
  • Copy down to match adjacent column
  • Copy down when there is a blank column
  • Select to the bottom
  • Use IF formula to return M or F
  • Use LEFT formula to return a person's initial
  • Format to thousands
  • Don't copy multiple times; use VLOOKUP
  • Repeat
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