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60 webinars and growing

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30 for the price of about 9. Recordings too.

The facts:

  • Currently, we offer 60 one‑hour webinars, and the number is growing.

  • Webinars cover a wide range of topics at different levels.

  • Each webinar runs at least once per year, with popular topics running more than once.

  • The passport is valid for one year.

  • You get 30 vouchers to apply to whichever webinars you wish.

  • If you were to attend 30 webinars, paying separately for each, the cost would be over $3,200. But the passport price is a fraction of that. See below.

In your pressurised job, it’s hard to find time for training that will make you more productive. And don’t you sorely need to save time?

One-hour webinars optimise learning. For up to one hour, attention is high. Furthermore, you can pick precisely the topics you want to learn.

Because the range of webinar topics is so extensive, you delve into areas that just can’t be found elsewhere.

In addition, AbleOwl webinars cover much more than an explanation of the features. You learn the use of conventions, traps and the pros and cons of possible solutions. In other words, you benefit from our wealth of expertise gathered from 28 years of specialisation.

If the webinar times are not convenient, watch the recordings instead.

The passport is valid for one year. You get 30 vouchers to attend whichever webinars you wish.

Participate in webinar quizzes

Ask and answer questions during a webinar

View recorded webinars on PC, tablet or other mobile device



There’s breadth and depth in the wide range of topics

Some of the webinars are:

  • Introduction to VLOOKUP, SUMIF, range names and traps.
  • Advanced lookups: VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, ISNA, T.
  • Formulas for accountants
  • Macros series
  • PivotTables series including PowerPivot
  • Dashboards
  • Charts for accountants
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Forecasting

See the full list of webinars and detailed agendas



Choose between personal or corporate passport

  • With a personal passport, the 30 vouchers can only be used by the named person.

  • With a corporate passport, the 30 vouchers can be used by anyone from the organisation. Contact us for pricing on higher numbers of vouchers.

Choose between webinars-only, recordings-only or both

  • Each webinar recording becomes available within one week after the running of the webinar. Note that many of the webinar recordings are already available.

  • For a personal passport, recordings are limited 30 different webinars, 3 plays maximum of any one webinar and 60 plays in total. For a corporate passport, plays in total are limited to 100. Contact us for pricing on higher limits.
Pricing in Personal passport Corporate passport
Recordings Recordings
First year 995 1495
Second year renewals 495 1295
Subsequent year renewals 249 1295
The year one subscription starts from the earlier of: (a) the date of the first webinar booked (b) three months after the order.

Please select your passport:

Email us:
Tel: 07 854 9276


What if I only use a portion of the vouchers?              

You still gain, particularly if you have a personal passport in which the prices reduce in the second and subsequent years.

So, if you have a personal passport and you attend webinars or play webinar recordings for 30 webinars over three years, the total cost of the passport over that period is $1739. In this case, the average price per webinar works out to $57.97, which is almost halve the average price (most are priced at $99, but many are $149).

There are currently 61 webinars and additional webinars are added regularly.



"Great. I was able to follow really easily and it flowed along logically. Good pace. Good to have the 2 presenters i.e. who can “chat’ about what’s being done, giving 2 points of view etc."
Debbie, Financial Accountant, Hamilton, New Zealand

"I would like to send you a thank you for the clearly presented and well paced webinar I took part in yesterday. This was my first ever webinar and also my first interaction with your company and found it to be a beneficial and enjoyable experience. I look forward to my next webinar and your tips etc."
Fiona, Office Manager, Brisbane, Australia

"The rapport between Paul and Grant was great and makes it more interesting than a one way presentation."
Maureen, Accountant, Taupo, New Zealand

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