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Certified Professional in Excel for Finance

  • There is the main paper(Paper 1) and four optional speciality papers(Papers 2-5).
  • Each paper has 5 parts.
  • Each part of each paper is the same price.
  • Choose the parts you want after ordering.
  • Personal:If you are ordering for yourself, order a personal qualification.
  • Corporate:If you are ordering papers for multiple employees of the organisation, choose Corporate. The corporate user can monitor the progress of staff.

      Price in         
    Coursework part(s)
    Subtotal before discount 138.00
    Discount 0.0%
    Subtotal 138.00
    GST 15%
    Total 158.70

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  • Exams are valid for 2 years from purchase. You must purchase coursework if you have not already done so.
  • To ask any Excel questions about topics of study or other, you can purchase hotline hours. To do that, after adding your qualification order to the cart, go to the Hotline order page (see the panel on the left).