Microsoft Excel specialists

The papers

Take the main paper and any of four optional speciality papers

The main paper covers all aspects of Excel. It covers some topics (formulas and conventions) in depth. For in-depth coverage of other topics, there are the four speciality papers. The speciality papers are optional, but may be in areas you need more depth in. The main paper gives you a high-level qualification specific to your work. The speciality papers enhance that.

In the main paper, gain expertise in all areas of Excel

Covers all aspects of Excel with formulas and conventions receiving in-depth treatment
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The main paper has 5 parts as below. Take a 40-minute exam for each part and gain a certificate. Pass all 5 parts to gain the qualification.

Part 1 Efficient setup. Standardised workbooks for clarity, productivity and error reduction. Now released.

Part 2 Formulas needed in Finance. Now released.

Part 3 Tables. Filtering. Import. Export. Consolidation. Release date: is now released.
Part 3b Essential charts. Conditional Formatting. PivotTables. Release date: is now released
Part 3c Collaboration. Reconciliation. Protection. Crosschecks. Errors. Data Validation. Testing. Troubleshooting. Release date: 31-Mar-2020

Part 4 Basic macros. Release date: 31-May-2020.

Part 5 Common accounting applications. Release date: 31-Aug-2020.

Expected study time for the entire qualification is 120 hours.

Enhance your capability with any of the in-depth speciality papers

Model construction and analysis
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Reporting models with drill-down. Project profitability analysis. Long-term models, incorporating debt and interest calculations. Sensitivity and Monte Carlo analysis. Regression analysis. Optimisation. And more. Expected study time is 80 hours.

Part 1 Release date: TBD.

Data extraction and analysis with MS Query, PivotTables and Power BI
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Text file import and manipulation. Direct data extraction with MS Query and SQL. Advanced PivotTables. Power Pivot, Power Query and Power BI. Expected study time is 80 hours.

Part 1 Release date: TBD

Reporting with charts, tables and dashboards
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Advanced charts for Finance. Conventions and good style for charts, tables and dashboards. Dynamic reports. Online publishing. Expected study time is 80 hours.

Part 1 Release date: TBD.

Macros for automating tasks
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Introduction. Custom functions. Automated applications. Dialog boxes. Custom ribbons. Interaction with Outlook, databases & other. Classes. Libraries. Win API functions. Conventions. And more. Expected study time is 80 hours.

Part 1 Release date: TBD.